Artist Statement on the Narratives


I love to create narrative images with my photography. At the beginning I didn’t think about why I choose this kind of imagery. After I developed more and more ideas, - I realized this portrayal come from my childhood growing up (in Hungary) on Hungarian folk tales. The Hungarian folk tales talk in symbols/hidden symbols. Every character and image has a meaning and at the same time has another meaning too. I realized I started to develop my images in a similar way.

I love to create a story in one frame with one or two characters, building up the set and choosing objects with different traits and with different environmental sources to enhance the theme. I like to add a kitchy critical pinch and tint with humor as well. I use a digital camera to capture moments and elements from nature for my background. I photograph the models and other objects in the studio in front of my green backdrop material separately by adjusting the light to get the best harmony for my captured background set. Sometimes I use a glitch (digital) technique to extend the content and build up the background like a stage. Working with these sets like a stylist I get to play with styles for backgrounds, choosing costumes for the models and arranging objects. My last step is to arrange every piece together for the final composition and achieve a seamless match. To get this I work in my photoshop layers. Working with digital tools gives me more freedom to develop the narrative themes. It is not my aim to explain my characters and themes rather to let the audience find their own personal association.


The Gilb Museum of Arcadia Heritage

Solo show - Andrea Abonyi Narratives - Arcadia, CA - June 8 - August 10, 2019

Betsy Lueke Creative Arts Center Gallery

Group show - PSA 94th Annual Juried Exhibition - Burbank, CA - June 7-27, 2019 / Award of Merit for Outstanding Artwork

McGinty’s Gallery

Group show - Altadena, CA - May 3 - June 28, 2019

Neutra Institute Gallery & Museum

Group show -Women of the Pasadena Society of Artists - Los Angeles, CA - March 6-23, 2019

McGinty’s Gallery

Group show - Pasadena Society of Artists’ New Members Exhibition - Altadena, CA - February 1-16, 2019